As more and more people are migrating to different countries, they are also bringing their culture and food with them. In most countries today you will find not only local cuisine but international cuisines as well.

In the past, Chinese, Italian, and American food were very popular all over the world. Now, Japanese and Korean food is also gaining popularity. Korean BBQ is famous all over the world due to the taste and the perfect grilling mechanism they use to cook the meat.

Like other countries, in Canada you will also find many Korean restaurants and takeaway shops.

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This magazine is about Korean BBQ and other Korean meals. Here you will learn about the most popular Korean dishes and know how they taste. You will also get interesting Korean food recipes that you can try at home. You will know about Korean takeaways, franchises, and other restaurants.

In this magazine, you will learn about BBQ in general, how the meals are cooked and why people like it. You will also learn what it takes to operate a franchise business. Takeaways are popular today and many people like it for a convenient experience.

You will also learn how to operate a takeaway business. There will be articles on setting up international franchises and takeaways and the articles will help you to start a restaurant business. Now you don’t need to visit Korea to get the experience of Korean food. You can get it anywhere as Korean franchises are operating all over the world. This magazine is dedicated to Korean food and it can be your best resource to learn all about Korean food and restaurants.