Many people don’t know that Korean food is becoming very famous all over the world. Besides Chinese, Thai and Japanese food, people now go to Korean restaurants to try out different food.

If you have a Korean restaurant then you can advertise your business here. Whether it’s a diner, takeaway or franchise, you can promote any kind of Korean food business here.

This blog is about Korean food and restaurants. So, anyone interested in knowing about and trying out Korean food reads this blog. You will be able to reach your target customers spot on if you advertise in this blog. Here are some of the advertising options we offer.


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There is nothing better than reviews in today’s world. People like to read reviews before making a purchase decision. As the food is about the experience, people like to read reviews of restaurants before visiting one.

So, a good review of your business will help to boost your brand image and you will get a lot of customers.

Banner ads

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You can place banner ads on our blog. Our advertising team can help you to design a great banner ad for your business. Our banner ads are eye-catching, and most people notice it. They will click on the ad and visit your site.

Newsletter ads

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We publish monthly newsletters for our readers where we provide interesting information about Korean food and restaurants. You can advertise in our newsletter and offer discounts or other offers which might encourage readers to try out your product or service.

Social media ads

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We are very active on our social media pages. We have thousands of Facebook fans, Twitter and Instagram followers. You can place your ad on our social media pages and get lots of prospective customers to visit your site. If you want to know more about our advertising options, you can contact us. We will help you kickstart a great advertising campaign for your business.