Korean food is becoming popular worldwide today. Korean BBQ is very special, and people love it. You will find Korean takeaways and restaurants all over the globe. As a result, you can get Korean food from any part of the world.

Here we are mentioning some of the blogs that can help you to learn more about Korean cuisine.


Featured image Blogroll Maangchi - Blogroll

This blog is for Korean food lovers. On this site, people share their knowledge and experience with Korean food. They upload pictures of food and restaurants. You can get suggestions for good Korean food and restaurants from this blog.


Featured image Blogroll Honeykki - Blogroll

If you want to try Korean dishes at home, then you should follow this blog. Here you will get easy recipes of common and popular Korean dishes. There are YouTube tutorials that will help you to make yummy Korean dishes at home.


Featured image Blogroll Keemi - Blogroll

Usually, the recipe for food from a particular region gets fabricated when it moves around the world. So, in Korean restaurants that you see in different countries, you may not get an authentic Korean dish.

In this site, the author gives authentic Korean food recipes. You will learn in detail about the ingredients and the process through write-ups and video tutorials.


Featured image Blogroll ZenKimchi - Blogroll

It is one of the best Korean food blogs. It is featured in Lonely Planet and other international and Korean media. You will definitely learn a lot about authentic Korean food from here.

Gastro Food Seoul Food Blog

Featured image Blogroll Gastro Food Seoul Food Blog - Blogroll

You can get information about Korean food and restaurants here. You can go on a culinary tour with them in various Korean restaurants and taste their food. You will also know about Korean culture through these tours.

Gotham-Grove Korean Recipes

Featured image Blogroll Gotham Grove Korean Recipes - Blogroll

In this blog, you will get recipes of delicious Korean dishes made by small Korean producers. They use the traditional way of cooking Korean food. So, you will get the original taste and flavour of the Korean dishes. These blogs are good to read and will help you to become more familiar with Korean food and restaurants. After reading these blogs, you will start enjoying Korean food more.