All You Need to Know About Korean BBQ

You must have tried different BBQ dishes in your lifetime, but there is nothing like the traditional Korean BBQ. Usually, what happens in a restaurant that serves BBQ meals? They have a grill in the kitchen where they grill the meat on an open fire.

But in Korean restaurants, the guests make the dish by themselves. Isn’t it interesting? Here are some things you need to know about eating Korean BBQ in restaurants. It will help you to enjoy your meal even more.

First of all, you shouldn’t be surprised to see built-in charcoal or gas grills on the table. Most Korean BBQ restaurants have it, but those that don’t have it will bring a portable grill to your table.

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There are also restaurants where there is a big central grill where the chef prepares the meal for you and everyone can watch as he does so.

If you are going to do the BBQ yourself, then the chef of the restaurant will cut the meat in strips and season or marinade it according to the type of BBQ you have chosen. You will put the meat on the grill and use tongs to flip them over.

You can add extra sauce or seasoning of your own choice if you want to. It is common to wrap the meat in cabbage, so you can do that too.

You should know the kinds of BBQ dishes you can have. Bulgogi is the most common one which is made of marinated beef that is cut thinly. It takes very little time to cook Bulgogi; you only need to keep it on the grill for a few minutes before enjoying it.

Galbi is another popular dish that is made of beef with short ribs. Along with marinated dishes, there are unmarinated dishes as well. In the case of the latter, you dip the meat into seasonings and sauces before putting them on the heated grill. 

Your meal will be incomplete if it is not accompanied by a good drink. ‘Soju’ is the most preferred drink that goes well with Korean BBQ. It is a rice-based drink that has very low alcohol content. Sake and beer are also common with Korean BBQ. If in any case, you are uncomfortable cooking the dish yourself, the chef and servers will help you. But people mostly find it fun and a unique experience to cook their BBQ without the hassle of preparing their grill with charcoal.